Founded by Snehal Choudhari, an award-winning product designer from NIFT, it is her passion that fuels the company. EthiLore came into being as an extension of our founders’ aesthetic personality and life philosophy. Her strong belief in sustainability, slow fashion, and most importantly recognition of Indian traditional crafts lead to the inception of EthiLore- Art Unmuted.
EthiLore means ethnic lore and is a journey of our folklore through the traditional crafts of India with a modern twist. Each piece is created after a technique and design intervention through intensive design research on Indian ethnic techniques and our love for material explorations.
Creating our masterpieces is a sensitive balance between design, craft technique, and art. We explore custom cut materials like wood, mirrors, semi-precious stones, etc. Our enameling palette looks no less than that of an artist, for each piece colors are manually mixed to create the right shade.
Our Vision
The craft sector is the second largest employment opportunity in rural India after agriculture. It is a source of supplemental income for farmers in off seasons and women to support the household. As awareness of crafts spread and so will its vastness, possibilities of innovation, and hence the overall economy. More and more brands and companies will invest and reflect their innovation through these handicrafts and this will promote self-reliance at the grassroots level.
How do we support the Indian Handicraft sector?
We believe that every small step taken can make big changes over time. We source locally from Artisans and Craft Clusters, spending time and energy learning the craft. We help with design intervention at a micro level that is easy for the artisan to incorporate to make production more seamless and designs more interesting.
Traditional Indian crafts lack global standards of manufacturability and design aesthetic. By working on these limitations, we offer articulated jewellery, as we take our traditional stories and narrate it at a global level through our products. In the process we practice fair trade practices towards the artisans.
Thank You for reading our story and choosing EthiLore.